Take a sneak peek....

..... at some of our new design ideas.

We have been working with a new type of glass and experimenting with metal inclusions, that creates a reaction when fired at certain temperatures in the kiln...... "Alchemy"

So far we have a few ideas on paper and lots more in our head, so we will be sharing these soon on our website.

This is the finished piece on the left, what it looked like as it went into the kiln (in the middle) and what the sketch started out as (on the right). You can see how the colours of the different metals have changed. These are even more pronounced on the next four pictures.

The complex challenge is to remember which metal is which when putting these together as the colours of some foils are very similar!! Extensive notes are definitely needed...... and a lot of patience, as the slightest breath can move the metals out of place!!

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