Nearly as hot as the kiln !!

So day 2 of our heatwave and we have seen it at 36 degrees this afternoon! Nearly as hot as our kiln !! Working with glass in this heat is almost impossible so we are trying to do sessions in the cooler evenings and mornings until normal weather resumes.... these are this weeks sheep hangers which seem extremely popular this month!

New for the Summer

After a week in the Highlands we had some amazing scenery to ponder and inspire us as we move into the summer months, we visited Plockton on the West coast only to be greeted by mizzle & midge, not a great duo, we managed 3 x days and then headed East to brighter skies and less bites.....

As a result of the Highlands it would have been remiss not to try a Highland Cow!! We came head to head with a family of them in the centre of Plockton and marvelled at their unruly locks and fierce horns, each with their own distinctive personality!

We have also resumed our flower head pieces as these are selling well in the shops and galleries, we have decided to try them online, so you will find them both in our Etsy shop and on our website shop.

Other styles in Etsy Shop

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